Video from Joon Dance Company utilising the track ‘Blip’.


A film created by and featuring the stories of trans* young people from Trans*Form Cymru. Film by Carolina Vasquez, Music by Christopher Young & additional footage by Matt Stevens

Promo video from Carolina Vasquez & AcouChristo for Ffotogallery’s ‘Wales In Venice’ Project.



New film for Cardiff Cycle Workshop with Carolina Vasquez and music by AcouChristo.

Trailer for the performance piece Angel-C with L.M.H.C (visual artist), Clare Parry-Jones (clown-artist) and AcouChristo on sound.

A new film for Heritage Lottory Fund’s ‘Then & Now’ Project commemorating the first world war. Filmed in the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay. Film by Carolina Vasquez & Music by AcouChristo.

Trailer for one woman show ‘The Drowned Girl’ by Kelly Jones, Directed by Anna Pool – Sound design & music by AcouChristo.


Documentary images/slideshow by L.M.H.C – ‘Home’ written and sung by AcouChristo as part of the WalesLab Pollinate 2013 audio & image documentary’s.

WalesLab Pollinate 2013 Sonic / Photo documentary by L.M.H.C with sound from Acouchristo.

Sonic / Photo documentary by L.M.H.C with audio from AcouChristo’s Pollinate album.

Promotional video for Ffotogallery’s Diffusion Festival. Film by Carolina Vasquez and music by AcouChristo.

Make More Films video for Green City’s Big Lunch held in St Mary’s St Cardiff. Film by Carolina Vasquez & music from AcouChristo.

A documentary video filmed by Tom Booth & Sam Irving at the WalesLab Summercamp 2013. The video features movement artists Jessica Williams & Laura Fay Thomas with music from AcouChristo.

Video by Carolina Vasquez with music from AcouChristo for Mary Bijou Cabaret Social Club!

Promo video from MakeMoreFilms for Green City – Film by Carolina Vasquez & Music by AcouChristo

Promo video for the Printhouse ‘Snapped Up’ market by Make More Films – Carolina Vasquez & AcouChristo.

Promotional video for the Cardiff St Food Festival made by Make More Films – Film by Carolina Vasquez & Music by AcouChristo.


This is a showreel for film maker Carolina Vasques. I was asked to compose a short and sweet bit of audio to accompaney the visuals and this was the end result.


“I Won’t Let You Down” – Performed live at “Audiology ’09”