AcouChristo: SlowBloomer

glitterface                                                                       (c) AcouChristo

After nearly 3 years of editing track listings, completely changing track arrangements, instrumentation and mixes ‘SlowBloomer’ is finished. I’m really proud of the tracks and hope that all of the time spent creating it was worth it!

A special thanks to Ramzi Youssef for providing the excellent saxophone work on ‘Optimistic Pessimism’, Benjamin Day for Trumpets on ‘Particles & Fragments’ and ‘GloryDays’, Naomi Excell for the Violin solos on ‘Glory Days’ and ‘Signs Pt2’, Alison Defoort for the spoken word on ‘Signs 1 & 2’ and finally Barracwda for allowing me to use a sample of them in ‘Glory Days’.

Put on some headphones, close your eyes, play it from the start and enjoy the journey!

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